Modelling is surfy! Battle chess is made newly ” angel is Caesarean 4 ” part set map

Still remember 1993 ” is angel Caesarean ” bring touch? Kui is violated old, ” angel empire 4(Empire Of Angels 4) ” should come back really! Still remember becoming is the heart touched mediumly first? In different world war counts the mainland of hundred years love Si Jia after to went up to produce what important matter and controversial issue again after all, and is this Ni elegant as elegant as the heroic Ni hundreds years ago what concerns again? A lot of mysteries are round, waiting for a player to come riddle.

Before chiliad ” the door of different world ” after incident, waerkeli is regnal and regnant mainland of whole love Si Jia, passed quite long peace time but the world general trends closes minute minutes after all, kingdom moves toward Waerkeli gradually feeble. Love Si Jia mainland to also begin to face division, have the state of consequence relatively among them, it is to hold to lineal king as a temporary measure to advocate regnal; and development go natural Waerkeli elemental demon guides implement science and technology sends troops to punish however by Waerkeli cause conflict, bring about a decision to break away from Waerkeli then, the dream that founds a state independently pursues regnal.

Waerkeli and dream graph two countries are loving Si Jia mainland below long-term conflict, hold the post of female emperor newly to start expeditionary war avowedly unexpectedly, but accumulate weak long already Waerkeli battle force is exhausted weak, war lasted one year to proclaim namely only terminative. Waerkeli’s in-house difference and dispute begin to jump over an invention to show but from recently begin inside 9 years, plague of Dai of a kind of god appeared on the mainland ” that Mu tower is hot ” , the person that suffer infection can transform quickly bloodsucking and atrocious, destroy town village everywhere ” that Mu tower ” , meaning namely ” those who suffer evil place to drive is vassal ” , the story begins from here.

The Li Yingxiong of gram of made of baked clay Er in as big as before chiliad two conditions fight is homonymic, act is candid rich sense of justice, associate with a lot of together the good associate of go through fire and water. The descent that because of cannotting bear common people suffers that Mu tower and it is searcher of that Mu tower from modulate of the military headquarters central of one’s own accord, responsible investigation concerns the incident of that Mu tower.

Free day and the bizarre girl that the in falling ray wakes, have other the perceptive ability at the ordinary person, can purify get the live thing that that Mu tower heats up infection and different changes. Conceal in the enigma on him body for unlock, decide those who add person of Ni elegant group is itinerary consequently.

The good friend that He Niya is brought up together, together go through fire and water fights side-by-side. Can become a soldier to render service to repay kindness from pee aspire country, because elegant predestined relationship chooses Ni so,join that Mu tower to survey a group however. Character is gone to continuously continuously, but often also show an obstinate one side.

The government will make public more in succession ” angel is Caesarean 4 ” game message, limited company of 100 worlds science and technology is in charge of Beijing joy issue ” angel is Caesarean 4 ” simplified Chinese edition. Information of relevant purchase in advance asks a player to pay close attention the latest news that the government releases!

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