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Article introduction

Have good-looking abdominal muscle, on the ave be being led later is very tall. Abdominal muscle is symbolize haly, friend of a lot of men thinks practice gives good-looking abdominal muscle, will keep good figure. What does the good method of experienced abdominal muscle have, how does fast practice give good-looking abdominal muscle? Be aimed at this problem, the introduction that this article reads together below, understanding drills what abdominal muscle method is ten minutes, the hope is helpful to you.

Method of ten minutes of experienced abdominal muscle

Perfect breathe

Perfect abdomen needs perfect breath. Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Practice the need in the process not only, common and perfect abdomen is common such also.

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In practicing a process — the state that have (forcibly condition) expiratory, the condition that withdraw force sucks condition to practice gas forcibly. Static power position, be in for instance when holding 45 degrees of part, normal thorax breathes out normal thorax is sucked for instance, not breathless.

At ordinary times below condition — abdominal, conduce to tighten up celiac horizontal flesh. Inspiratory conduce to abdominal cavity is experienced to be mixed upcountry when be being tightened up at ordinary times carry up close, sufficient and inspiratory again deep expiration. Smooth move, station is worn or when be being experienced adequately up, sitting is when walking OK conciously abdominal, nurturance can is used to on foot conciously.

1: 3 frequency

When abdomen practices, emphatic process can remove 20% ~ only the action of 30% , the course that cancels abdominal action to practice force can remove 60% ~ however the action of 70% . When practicing so us also1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Want us so action presses 1: The scale of 3 undertakes. For instance sit-ups when, the situp that raises the body undertakes for instance moment, several ” 1 ” when; makes the same score the body to transfer to a lower level, count ” 2 ” , ” 3 ” , body time transfer to a lower level ” 4 ” .

Use equipment

The invention of gymnastical equipment, it is for us safety of safer more effective rather invents us to train, be fed up with ” perfect ” when the conventions of sit-ups, invite gym of gym conventions situp to seek thing of this 3 type: Be good at ride machine (by oneselfForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Car fitness implement)Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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; captain chair (show 30 fitness with the ground implement the bicycle seeks degree of roleFall in love with the sea

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Couch, can lie above, will double leg is raised and maintain a few seconds, can go up the face maintains able-bodied and abdominal muscle) ; fitness ball.

Above is the introduction about ten minutes of experienced abdominal muscle. After believing to read this article, you gave abdominal muscle to also have more knowledge to how drilling quickly. In the process of experienced abdominal muscle, the proposal should notice to hold on, want to have enough patience at the same time. After all the practice of abdominal muscle is become is need time, hold on to ability to see the effect.

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