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To broad diabetic, the movement that the choice suits is very significant, because cannot have intense campaign, place takes a walk with be being recommended for everybody, canter geometric ratio is slower but right healthy the campaign that has profit very much, hope broad patient wants to hold to for a long time.

Diabetic kinesiatrics, these 4 kinds are best

1, take a walk: Suit of all kinds diabetic. Take a walk not only the undue burden that can reduce cell of pancreas islet β , the interest control at the illness, still can prevent osteoporosis. Light clothing and sneaker should be worn when taking a walk (should wear sock) , orthopticShanghai Long Feng forum

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, the back is erect, tighten up alvine, the arm swings substantially, pace wants as far as possible big, on foot time is 30-45 minute above.

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Diabetic kinesiatrics, these 4 kinds are best

2, canter: Can promote metabolism, use up a large number of blood sugar, decrease adipose put indigestion, precautionary blood fat the complication such as unusual, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, have to the diabeticA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Beneficial, but need asks for those who get a doctor to agree. Attention, unfavorable canter instantly after the meal, unfavorable also after cantering, take food instantly, optimal time is nodded for 9~10 of every sky midday and 4~5 is nodded afternoon, want to perserve, successive.

Diabetic kinesiatrics, these 4 kinds are best

3, kick key child: Can adjust systemic blood flow1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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, quicken the metabolization of hematic fat, blood sugar, reduce blood sugar thereby. Attention, kick key child before the warm-up that wants to do 15 minutes or so, can from every time 5~10 minute begin, 20~30 increases again after 9 months minute. Among them, kick shuttlecock 20Forum of Shanghai night net

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~30 minute fall candy effect is optimal.

4, go in water: Wear good swimsuit, into Cheng Youwen the cistern of water walks below. Attention, when in just beginning water, going, time with 30 minutes advisable, water quantity can have done not have abdomen, increase water to measure bosom gradually later. Want drive up of stride cut down, knee, the hand brandishs in water, conduce to the obstruction of counteractive current so. Wait after suiting, time can be lengthened.

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