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The effect of nourishing health care of ginseng is accepted all the time, it is so among present life, ginseng also is to serve as give sb a presentForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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beautiful is tasted, can fill well gas blood, strong body, and help male is treated and still can solve problem of a few sexual dysfunction. But need everybody to understand a reason. Although its sanitarian value is very high, but not be everybody,suit to take ginseng, we come to the face under place check a few groups that cannot have ginseng. Must note careful alternative.

 What person cannot eat ginseng

1, have1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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The person of intense and allergic constitution, if take ginseng hind occurrence rash, cannot take. When having fester sex agnail, cannot take more.

2, the person that hypertensive patient belongs to liver Yang Shangkang, after taking easy cause cerebral blood-vessel accident, but Xu Han’s hypertension is ill person but1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai
With ginseng, do not cross dosage appropriate is little, press when systole > when 180mmHg, no matter which one model ill person all should not be take ginseng.

3, a lot ofFall in love with the sea

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When the person knows to eat ginseng, should not be drink tea, eat a turnip, because these two kinds of food have an angry effect, and ginseng fills greatly vigour, into after filling, exclude its effect again, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Be equal to bilk.

4, should not be commonly when the cold is calorific take ginseng. Because have a fever when palpitation is acuteness, take ginseng to be able to increase blood circulation, make palpitation more even makes an illness aggravating.

5, gets because of enraging stop up suddenly asthma card, or because of hot and dry the pharynx and larynx that cause is dry, temporarily the haematemesis that impulse causes, bazoo nosebleeds wait for disease ginseng of avoid choose and employ persons.

6, the dropsy that sluggish of stop up of damp and hot brings about, take the dropsy after ginseng more very. Because ginseng has,this is fight diuresis action. Additional, kidney function does not accompany uric little Zhe Yishen to use completely.

7, insomnia, fretful the person that belong to a case of a physically strong patient running a high fever or suffering from such disorders as stasis of blood is unfavorable take ginseng, sleep otherwiseShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Mian is poorer.

8, every gas is filled, slippery fact of body heat, arteries and veins is strong, relieve oneself is illogical and the solid person that heat up all shoulds not be take ginseng. Not only have these paying attention to, and different and of all kinds ginseng, also have different action mechanism, these paying attention to also need study in health care of preserve one’s health. Take common American ginseng for, american ginseng property of a medicine belongs to cool sex, use at heat symptom-complex commonly, wait like blood pressure heighten, constipation.

After the content that understands afore-mentioned introductions, so everybody should notice, if say your body does not allow to take ginseng, so not blind, because give us blindly the more healthy, the effect that cause and harm are greater also, for example hypertensive, cold crowd, still having is the Kang Zhe on liver this world, unsuited take ginseng.

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