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We have a thing at ordinary times is not 100 those who do not have contraindication, there is the effect that overcomes between a lot of food, light person can make the person has vomit and diarrhea, serious person the death that can cause a person. For example crab cannot eat at the same time with persimmon, beer also is not drunk together with beverage as far as possible etc. The contraindication between food we need to understand somewhat. Rice pumpkin congee is dayShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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A kind of congee that constant family often does, so what contraindication does rice pumpkin congee have?

The contraindication of rice pumpkin congee

Rice pumpkin congee is congee of a the daily life of a family is tasted, the main material that make is rice, pumpkin. Glutinous of its finished product is soft sweet, can serve as the sweetmeat after eat, have fill the lienal, effect with stomach, clear lung.

Edible notice


1.Alexipharmic: Contain inside vitamin and pectic, pectic have very good adsorptive sex, can felt and remove toxin of the bacterium inside body and other and harmful material, be like the lead in heavy metal, mercury and radioelement, can have relieve internal heat or fever action

The contraindication of rice pumpkin congee

2.Protect gastric mucous membrane, help to digest: Pumpkin place is contained pectic still can protect mucous membrane of gastric glue path, avoid suffer coarse food stimulation, promoteShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Ulcer cicatrizations, appropriate at stomach trouble patient. Pumpkin place contains composition to be able to promote bile to secrete, strengthen gastric bowel peristalsis, help food is digested; Pumpkin has fall the health care of blood sugar effect

3.Prevention and cure is diabetic, reduce blood sugar: Pumpkin contains rich cobalt, the metabolism of cobaltic can active human body, stimulative hematopoiesis function, participate in the synthesis of B12 of the vitamin inside human body, it is the microelement with indispensible place of cell of human body pancreas islet, diabetic to preventing and cure, reduceForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Blood sugar has special curative effect

4.Remove carcinogenic substance: Pumpkin contains a lot ofzinc, beneficial skin and fingernail are healthy, among them carotene has antioxidant β shield an eye, protect heart and the effect that fight cancer. Additional, the Ou Miga that pumpkin seeds is beneficial cerebra health – the 6 wonderful food sources that wait for important fatty acid. How to eat? Distance pumpkin skin exceeds close share, nutrition is richer. Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Accordingly, pumpkin flay has been jumped over lesser. Pumpkin seeds can be boiled eat or frying after insolation eat.

5.Promote grow development: Rich zinc is contained in pumpkin, participate in acid of human body kernel, protein synthesis, it is the inherent composition of the cortin, humannessLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Body grows the important matter of development.

The contraindication of rice pumpkin congee

6. prevention and cure is gravid oedema and hypertension: The nutrition of pumpkin beautiful fruit is very rich. Beautiful fruit of pumpkin of pregnant woman edible, can promote fetal cerebral cell growth not only, enhance its vigor, still can prevent and cure the pregnancy complication such as gravid oedema, hypertension, stimulative blood coagulates reach precautionary flooding. Take pumpkin 500 grams, rice 60 grams, boil pumpkin congee, can promote liver kidney rejuvenesce, reach physical power to appetite regaining after early pregnant is mirrorred at the same time1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Have stimulative effect.


Rice is one of the Chinese’s staple food, become by the seed exuviate of rice. The composition of amino acid in paddy rice is more complete, protein basically is rice essence albumen, digest easily absorb, no matter be domestic have dinner,still go cafeteria, rice is indispensable. Rice can be offerred abound vitamin of B a group of things with common features; Rice has the profit in filling gas, be good at lienal raise spirit of stomach, beneficial strong mark, with the five internal organs, arteries and veins that connect blood, acute hearing ear bright eye, stop irritated, stop thirsty, stop the effect of have diarrhoea; Rice congee is had fill lienal, with effect of stomach, clear lung. [4]

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