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After weather was heated up quite now, a lot of people are preferred eat barbecue, the various corn that bake and barbecue are strung together, be the commonnest in everybody’s life, at ordinary times duck gizzard also can be used do barbecue, bake the flavour that come out first-rate, when burning roast duck gizzard, need uses chop sauce yellow rice or millet wine ahead of schedule, be born right amountly smoke and chili pink souse, had tasted when doing barbecue so.

Barbecue chicken gizzard how has souse tasted?

Barbecue data: Gallinaceous gizzard 250 overcome

Barbecue condiment: Unripe smoke, pink of chop sauce, yellow rice or millet wine, chili, green paragraph each are right amount.

1, clean the gallinaceous gizzard that buys clean, the half-and-half that use a knife dissections, reoccupy knife is expressed in gallinaceous gizzardLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The face delimits on a few knives, such souse when more can tasty.

2, put the gallinaceous gizzard that has cut in the bowl, put chili pink, yellow rice or millet wine, chop at the same time sauce, unripe smoke, repeatedly agitate until mix divide evenly, if weather is cool butForum of Shanghai night net

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In order to be put in the souse in house 2 hours, if be the summer of fierce heat, put glacial cabinet or freezer refrigerates souse 2 hours.

Barbecue chicken gizzard how has souse tasted?

3, good souse and already the gallinaceous gizzard of tasty is the same as green paragraph interval wears a slender pointed piece of metal to go up, put on barbecue furnace charcoal fire to break up back and forth bake, after be being baked a little while, brush again last time the rest sauce, until bake ripe OK.

The little skill of barbecue chicken gizzard: 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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1, remember certainly the gallinaceous gizzard in incision piece on delimit a few knives, convenient tasty.

2, the time of gallinaceous gizzard souse wants enough, otherwise not tasty, eat caseShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Come inside and outside is incorrect flavour.

Barbecue chicken gizzard how has souse tasted?

3, outside the mouthfeel of barbecue chicken gizzard fragile Li Ren, can bake a little1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Time is a bit longer, the fragile mouthfeel outside letting bake the gallinaceous gizzard that come out to achieve is best, gallinaceous gizzard also is able to bear or endure quite bake, when baking, can be at ease the much period of time that bake.

4, the green Duan Ke of intermediate thrust deep into the enemy forces is changed otherly with taking, for instance bean curd coils etc, achieve the effect with tie-in element of meat or fish.

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