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Tomato potato stews sirlon, everybodyFall in love with the sea

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Whether to have those who had eaten, what need actually feeding capable person is the commonnest vegetable among the life, if can understand specific working means and skill, use naturally rise to also be met more preserve one’s health is healthy, interested friend can pay close attention to introductory method.

What does tomato potato stew the practice of sirlon to have?

, material

Beef: Potato of 1000 grams; : 1000 grams;

Tomato: 3;

Ketchup: Anise of 200 grams; : 3; sweet leaf: 3; cassia bark: Cardamom seed of flesh of a; : Green of a few; : Ginger of a few; : Cooking wine of a few; : Right amount; often smokes: Salt of a few; : Plant of right amount; is oily: Right amount;

The practice that tomato potato stews beef

1 beef is abluent cut agglomerate, tomato cuts small, flay of green ginger section, potato cuts lozenge piece to rush with clear water completely

After the water such as water is being burned to leave in 2 boiler beef scald, pour blood foam reserves

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Fry boiler to pour oil, fry a few minutes into beef, mix aniseed and green Jiang Pian, cooking wine next often smoke join fry about 5 minutes

4 beef that had fried turn into double stewpan establishing a person (arenaceous boiler also can) add the hot water that has done not have beef

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Oily, the tomato that enters stripping and slicing and ketchup are fried join beef in a few minutesForum of Shanghai noble baby

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In, small fire turns to stew about 1 slow half hours after big baked wheaten cake leaves a bit

The 6 potato that join scour off starch, put saline small fire to stew about 30 minutes to be able to give boiler again

What does tomato potato stew the practice of sirlon to have?

2, material

Sirlon: 500 grams;

A kind of dried mushroom: Soup-stock of right amount; : Tomato of right amount; : 4 small;

Ginger: Very light blue of right amount; : Sweet leaf of right amount; : Cassia bark of right amount; : Pepper of right amount; : Salt of right amount; : Ketchup of a few; : Water of a few; : Caraway of right amount; : Plant of right amount; is oily: A few;

What does tomato potato stew the practice of sirlon to have?

The practice that tomato stews sirlon

1 sirlon stripping and slicing, boiled water scald goes hematic foam. Arenaceous boiler pours boiled water, had done not have the flesh, small fire is slow after be being put into the flavoring medium baking temperature such as Jiang Pian, very light blue, sweet leaf, cassia bark to be boiled stew about 50 ~ 60 minutes

2 rise additionally to fry boiler to put bit of oil, tomato flay, stripping and slicing, put into stir-fry before stewing to fry a flavour

3 beef are put into tomato, add add beef boiling water, had done not have beef completely

4 put dawdle one case cook over a slow fire is stewed, can raise cooked food delicious

Ketchup of 5 rejoin a few and salt, after baked wheaten cake leaves in, turn small fire stews 40 minutes or so slow to come beef is crisp sodden (soup does not close work, soup tastes more delicate ~ )

Scatter when 6 boiler on caraway and pepper can

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